Radar Love


I don’t really know that there is a rational explanation for stuff like this.

I hadn’t heard from Andy for a couple of days so I checked the position of the ship he was on and saw that it had docked.  I thought to myself “I’ll bet he flew home.”  Not 15 minutes later I get an email from him, he’s at home.   He’s not happy about what’s at home though.


Neighbor shuffle


There are 4 empty apartments in the building again.  My older friend from downstairs found herself a man and moved.  After they fixed her apartment some guy moved in for a couple of months and now he’s moved out.  I never even saw him once.

Then Little Miss Thief from the third floor got herself suddenly evicted.  Pajama Pants (seriously, that’s what we call him) had her come clean his apartment and naturally she found stuff to steal.  Too bad it included checks.  LMT’s boyfriend cashed 2 of the checks.

Then the black kid (middle 20’s?) that lived on my floor moved upstairs next to Bruce, in the apartment above my living room.  That apartment has had several in and out since they kicked the building owner’s step daughter out.  So far I haven’t heard any noise and Bruce is getting along with him just fine.  When he lived on this floor I could hear him yelling clear down in the laundry room sometimes.  I never did hear him if I was in my apartment though.  The lady that lives in my old apartment complained several times about the noise from that kid.  He is nice enough, just really, really loud.

Oddly enough, those three apartments are one on top of the other.  They’re all on the worst corner of the building for sunlight.  It’s an inside corner and none of the windows get direct sun.

The other empty apartment is the 2 bedroom on the first floor.  I think that apartment is one that still needs new carpet.  I know the couple moved in to that apartment before it was bought by the new owners so they’ll do carpet at least.  The couple that lived in that apartment bought a townhouse.  Some of the apartments still have carpet from the middle 90s.  As longer term residents move out they take the old carpet out and repaint at least before new people move in.

And there will be another empty apartment before long.  The drug dealer on 3 is getting evicted finally.  Not because he sold heroin to an undercover cop in the parking lot and got arrested.  He lost the good job he had and drug dealing apparently isn’t enough to cover the rent.  Drug dealer really seriously needs to go.  He let a homeless guy stay with him a time or two, and now the homeless guy wants to hang around here all the time trying to get DD to let him in.  We chased homeless guy off last night.  He had already had the cops called on him once yesterday so the second time he would get arrested for trespassing.  He hasn’t been back as far as I know since we ran him off last night.

I think the only person that has lived here longer than me is Bruce.  I’m not sure about a lady that lives downstairs.  She doesn’t remember for sure when she moved in but I think she was already here when I moved in.



Karma 4 SfB 0


I helped Karma out this time.  And was more than happy to.  SfB has never paid for his hospital bill from when he spent a week in the psych ward.  The collection agency that collects for the hospital called me tuesday.  I had just clocked out and was standing in the doorway of my cube when the phone rang.  I know the company name of course so I answered it.  This is the first time they have ever called me.  They asked for SfB.  I said “he’s no longer at this number, I have no idea where he is but he probably still works at ______” She thanked me and hung up.

They can’t sue me for that bill.  They don’t have a signature, and we’re divorced.  The statute of limitations has run out on suing a non signature spouse.

Then last night I was readin’ random shit on facebook and I get a notification that SfB wants to connect with me.  Oh hell no!  So I hit close on that and hunted up his new profile and blocked him and I deleted the notification on my phone.

I texted my girlfriend and told her I had to block him for the 4th time.  About 30 minutes after I finished chatting with her about it, it hit me.  LOL!!!  I busted right out laughing!!  The collection company called him at work and now he’s mad because he’s going to have to pay for his own fuck up.  I’ll bet it’s close to $15,000 by now because of the interest.

Booo fucking hoooo.

I’ll be laughing about this one the rest of my life.


another stupid thing my mother said


My granddaughter was here over the holiday weekend.  She stopped in the office on friday on her way to my mother’s house.  Granddaughter said she was going for the Christmas thing and she said the reason my mother gave for not calling and inviting me is they weren’t having turkey so she knew I wouldn’t come.

Ummmmm, no.  In all the years I’ve cooked Christmas dinner I’ve never made a turkey dinner.  For years and years we had a snack spread so I didn’t have to spend the holiday in the kitchen.  It was all made ahead and just put out on fancy plates and in the crockpot and slo-cooker.  We had two cheeseballs with a variety of cracker and celery sticks, meatballs, hot wings, lil smokies, deviled eggs, a couple of dips, olives and pickles, pies and lots of snack stuff like fudge and Chex mix.  Not once in over 40 years of Christmas dinner have I ever once made turkey.  And not only have I never made turkey for Christmas, my mother has been at my house for numerous Christmases and knows damn good and well we don’t have fucking turkey!!

She just doesn’t want to tell people she pissed me off and then wrote a nasty letter and now I won’t apologize.


The Candy Incident


I don’t think I’ve ever told about this incident when I was staying at my mother’s in 2013.  This was just stupid.

She totally worships The Pioneer Woman and really wanted to make these cookies that were made with refrigerator peanut butter cookie dough and Reese’s popables.  The little unwrapped ones in the bag.  She insisted that the Reese’s were a specialty product and not available where she lives.  I told her she would be a lot less likely to find the cookie dough than the candy.

So, sometime later we were in Wal-Mart in the candy aisle.  I looked up on the top shelf and what do ya know?  Reese’s popables.  All I said was “oh look” and pointed at the the top shelf and it pissed her right off.  Still makes me giggle when I think about it.

One of the other things that really pissed her off, was when I told her that the English guy she emailed was right when he told her what she called “bbq” and “chili” weren’t bbq or chili.  Made her mad as hell when I told her meat cooked in a crockpot with bbq sauce is not in fact bbq.  Then we had a discussion about chili.  What she makes is a chili soup, with beans and tomatoes.  What the English guy was talking about is meat cooked with a whole lot of chilies.  Texas Red.  What my mother makes is not that.

I think it pisses her off even more that I could actually be right.  Or even worse, that I actually know more than she does.

Let’s just say I’m 60 and I’ve known a whole lot of different people in those years and she is by far one of the most clueless people I’ve ever known.



Just a touch


So Mr Pepsi man was in the office thursday.  We were talking about the difference in calories and grams of sugar in Peach tea and Pepsi.  I was sitting in my chair and he was standing in the doorway of my cubical.  I handed him the empty tea bottle and then I picked up the Pepsi bottle to show him and instead of taking it out of my hand he reached around and put his hand on mine.  Then when he let go he ran his fingers across the back of my hand.

He’s getting a lot bolder with his flirting.

I have a really hard time carrying on a conversation with him.  All I can think about is kissing him.  <sigh>

the Pepsi man


Ya know, I said the last place I’d ever meet a man is at my place of work.

Well… I think I was wrong.

Recently, well the last 6 months or so the Pepsi man has started flirting with me.  Time before last when he was there I was standing up at the front desk and he walked up and stood very close behind me.  I think we both felt it.  He really shouldn’t breathe on the back of my neck like that!!

Then friday when he was there he came in right before lunch and loaded the machine and he was back in the back office talking to the supervisor.  By the time I got clocked out and to the front door he was right behind the other girl that goes to lunch at the same time and he walked out with me.

Everybody in the office is aware that he is flirting with me.  Well most everybody anyway.  The woman that’s my best friend in the office (and out) said he barely even says hello to her and he walks right past her desk and he talks to the supervisor but he flirts with me.  One of the other girls that goes out on break at the same time as I do said something about they have actually discussed the way he flirts with me!!  LOL

Hopefully before too much longer he’ll get brave enough to ask me out.