Monthly Archives: October 2012

Is it just me or …


I really don’t get it.  There’s a discussion going on right now on the board about sewing by yourself or with your friends.  The thing that boggled my mind was when someone asked how you justified going to sew with friends if there was housework undone.  And then somebody else piped up and said they felt guilty if their housework wasn’t done before they sewed.  

Seriously?  That is soooooooooo a 1950s mindset.  

I can’t even imagine having that kind of mindset.  At my house if you couldn’t feed yourself by the time you were about 10 you could just fucking starve.  If there weren’t any clean dishes because I was busy doing something else then fucking wash one.  I might be your mother but I’m not your fucking handmaid or slave.  Get off your ass and do for yourself.  Just because you’re male isn’t an excuse to be waited on hand and foot.  Both of my sons can cook better than any girl they ever dated.  Son 2 and DIL take turns cooking.