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So, one of the things I collect is Oracles.  I have tarot cards, runes, I Ching and a book called “The Book of Answers.”  I know where the cards, runes and I Ching are, but I didn’t know where the book was.  I’ve actually been wondering where it had got off to.  So today I was out working on rearranging my storage and opened a box of stuff that came out of the sewing room and the book was on top.

I asked it “Can Andy ever be mine?” and opened it.  I got “The circumstances will change very quickly”  Interesting.  He’s actually about 3 weeks from losing his job.  We’ll see.  He’s still talking to me.




There was a lady that read parts of my blog and commented.  All of her comments went in the trash.  On the 13th one she commented on she said it was just too disturbing to read any more.  Then she read at least one more and commented.  She said some pretty derogatory things too.  I’m pretty sure I warned people on the first post that she commented on that I don’t care what people think.  I didn’t care then and I don’t now.  And that’s people I *know.*  Did she somehow think her armchair psychiatrist comments were somehow going to… hell I don’t know… magically transform me in Ms Main Stream Society America???  It amused me that she actually thought I might care what she thought.  Eventually her judgmental opinions just annoyed me.

And seriously, why keep reading if you’re disturbed???  And why the hell does a random stranger’s life disturb you anyway??? Unless it affects you personally, l really don’t think anybody has any say in how I live my life.



I’ve been to his house four times so far.  Our “dick” (Mr 22) never showed up so I fired him.  He hasn’t texted me since.  This last time with Mr GB was really good.

I bought a jean mini skirt and wore my heels and the black lace unders.  When I drove up he was standing in the garage with his head down looking at his phone.  I don’t think he knew I was there until the car door shut.  When I started walking up the drive he had walked out by the front of his pickup but he still had his head down.  When he looked up and saw me he whistled.  Yeah, that kind of whistle.  I didn’t even get my bag out of the car before I was undressed and in bed!!  LOL  Well, it wasn’t quite that fast, we did order pasta and go get it and have supper before we went in the bedroom.

I ordered a faux leather mini skirt.  And a gray faux suede fringed bag.  I spent a whole 33.00!!

Oh and this is awesome, l bought a dark red suede jacket from a quilt guild member’s estate when we lived in Liberal.  It lacked a good two inches of fastening.  It fastens with hooks and eyes and is fringed down the front.  I really loved it and gave a whole $75 bucks for it.  It’s probably at least a $150 dollar jacket and it still had covers on the buttons and all the tags.  It fits like a glove now.  The black lace bra I bought fits really nice now.  The mini skirt I bought was a 9/10.  I think the next size is going to be harder to lose than the first two were.  I walk most every day and it really does me a lot of good.  And I got a whistle.

This takes the fucking cake


I’m really pissed at my mother.  I found out from my *neighbor* that SfB moved in with my mother.  So I called her and she went on and on about how he’ll be getting a job and he can go live in an apartment my aunt owns, blah fucking blah.  I told her “good luck with that.”  She went on and on about how he’s been working and supporting himself.  Ummm, no, he was a homeless person sponging off somebody.  If he’s working so much why doe he have to go live with her???  Where’s his apartment and car?????  Oh wait, he doesn’t have those things.

Fuck her.  Then I called my son and HE didn’t know either!!!  Then I called Girl, it was a real shock to her too.

I unfriended my mother on facebook.

I won’t be going for Thanksgiving or Christmas if he’s there.  I won’t be going to the funeral service of my good friend’s brother either.  Their brother was SfB’s uncle.  Yeah, I don’t want to see the ex in laws if I don’t have to either.

My neighbor actually waited by the front door for me so he could tell me.