Monthly Archives: April 2014

the paper clip controversy


So today at work the supervisor was gone so things were a little … looser we’ll say.  The girl that sits next to me was also gone so I was by myself on my end of the room.  One of the girls that sits in the back came up and asked me how I put paper clips on.  Uhhhh, well I never actually thought about it.  Then she asked if I put the long side to the front or back and I said to the front.  Apparently one of the girls in the office puts hers on “backwards” with the long side to the back.  Who knew there was a right way and a wrong way to use a paper clip????


count down!!


We’re counting the hours until the end of tax season!  Our most senior tax preparer got a return that needs from 2005 to 2013 done.  And it’s a business!!  Better her than me!!

I think I’ll go look for a new pair of shoes after work.




Sometimes they come to me rather slowly.  My in-laws have pretty much blamed me for all of the financial decisions that ended up being problems.  We ended up losing two houses to foreclosure.  The last one was because asshat just up and quit his job but never mind that part, it was my fault for buying the house in the first place.

Then I was driving down the street one day past where asshat had *already* lost a house before we even met.  And actually I think he lost two houses before we met.

8 days until the end of tax season.  I can hardly stand the wait.