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sometimes life is just really, really weird


I got a friend request on facebook from the guy I was dating when I met SfB.  So I friended him.  Then last night I ran and got some take out and when I drove into the parking lot the guy that lived with one of the ladies downstairs hollered at me and said “hey, I think you know my room mate!”  And then said his name!!!

How weird is that?





So, one of the things I collect is Oracles.  I have tarot cards, runes, I Ching and a book called “The Book of Answers.”  I know where the cards, runes and I Ching are, but I didn’t know where the book was.  I’ve actually been wondering where it had got off to.  So today I was out working on rearranging my storage and opened a box of stuff that came out of the sewing room and the book was on top.

I asked it “Can Andy ever be mine?” and opened it.  I got “The circumstances will change very quickly”  Interesting.  He’s actually about 3 weeks from losing his job.  We’ll see.  He’s still talking to me.

weird ass shit


Flat out weird.  Jack’s wife followed one of my boards on Pinterest.  So then I learned how to block people there.

Then Mr GB has texted me and said he found us a dick.  Seriously, that’s what he said.  He sent me a pic and it sorta looked familiar, sooooooooooooo I checked my email and sure enough I had an email from the same guy. He’s only 22.

I was also reading the ads on craigslist and I ran across a m4m ad that had a familiar pic in it.  I checked in my email and sure enough there was the same pic.  It’s a married guy that has been emailing me regularly.  Weird, just fucking weird.

Yeah, I read the m4m ads.  All sorts of veeeeeeeeeeeeeery interesting things in those ads.