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The not ex enough hubby…


Is driving me batty.  I have always tended to be a solitary person.  I *like* being alone.  Not only do I like being alone I *need* to have my alone time on a regular basis.  So now I have this cool one bedroom apartment because we’re supposed to be separated.  That’s what the whole epic move has been about.  I sure as hell wouldn’t have gone thru all of this to just end up back with him.  I really don’t want to live with him ever again.

<sigh>  Well he’s homeless and living in his car.  So now I’m feeding him and he takes showers here.  Which wouldn’t be too bad but he’s here every fucking second I’m home and awake.  And its been that way pretty much since I moved in here a month ago.

One of the things I don’t do when other people are around is clean house or do unpacking so there are still waaaaaay too many boxes of stuff sitting around.  So today as soon as I feed him breakfast I’m going to kick him out for the day and see what all I can get done.  I did that last saturday and got the living room straightened around a bit and got the rug down and things arranged better.

One thing I definitely need to do is run to the bank and get a roll of quarters so I have laundry money.  The building has a laundry room on each floor and they’re coin op.  It beats the hell out of going to a laundry mat and doesn’t cost much for a load either.  I can wash and dry a load for less than just washing one load at the laundry mat.  Plus I can hang out in my apartment while the machines run.  I can open my front door and listen for the dryer so I don’t have to go all the way down the hall to check on them.

Time to make breakfast and kick the ex out.





Cake drama


So today is the gift exchange and pot luck at work. Yesterday I was sitting in my cube and three people were standing just outside my cube discussing what they were bringing for food today. I told them I was bringing cake. The lesbian from the collections department got all snotty and informed me I couldn’t bring cake because she was bringing cake and blah, blah, blah, reindeer, Mr B, blah, blah. Uhhhh, whatever. Then Ms Know-it-all-I’ve-been-here-a-year chimed in and informed me that Ms Lesbian makes the best cakes and I couldn’t bring one.

A little later in the afternoon Ms No-nonsense brought a sign up sheet around so Mrs Large&incharge would know what to bring to “fill in” and since I was ahead of Ms L I told Ms N-n that I was bringing cake and had been informed that I couldn’t. LOL She told me later that when Ms L signed up and started to get all butt-hurt that somebody else was going to bring a cake she informed her that “we can have more than one cake. Since when do women turn down cake.”

Bet me a dollar that Ms L’s cake is from a mix.

I’m just happy that I didn’t draw Ms Ls name.  I have Ms N-n and she’s a huge Green Bay Packer fan so I got her a Xmas ornament, a key chain and pens.  She’ll love the pens I’m sure.

Time to go make orange cream cheese frosting.


Kind of freeing


So the ex-bff unfriended me on fb.  She also unfriended the rest of my family she had on her friends list.  <shrug>  I removed her from all other social media.

So, I’ve been unpacking and I keep running across junk “you just have to have.”  Mmmmm, no I didn’t just have to have it and now I don’t have to keep it either.  So far I tossed a really cheap “rubber chicken” and an ugly chicken teapot and I’m going to toss two really ugly, badly done embroidery pieces.  One says “so it’s not home sweet home, adjust’ and the other one says “killer dust bunnies live here.”  I have four other wall hangings that will probably end up in the trash.  Two of them are silk embroidery but the embroidery is the only part that’s well done.  The quilting is crappy and the binding is even worse.  She always said she was a “textile artist.”  Uhhh whatever.  She had to be a “textile artist” because that is better than just being a quilter.  Whatever.  Her work never held a candle to mine.  I’m not bragging when I say that either.

It occurred to me that what ever I did she had to do it bigger and better.  It’s really tiring to have somebody always putting you down to make themselves feel better.  She “taught herself to read by age 4” so of course I couldn’t possibly be as smart as she is.  I used to just blow it off but after being there for a couple of months and listening to her “bigger and better” tales it really got old.  Especially when 90% of them are total fantasy anyway.

Oh, I almost forgot, one of the last status updates I saw from her on fb was gushing about what a wonderful anniversary they had.  After being there and knowing the things she’s told me over the years I about died laughing.  He’s had at least two long term affairs and actually got fired because of one of them.  She told me she changed the way she reacted to things and now he’s so much better than he was.  Uhhh, no, he’s the same old asshat he’s always been, you’re just deluding yourself for insurance and financial security. Whatever.

I know that at some point she will come to deeply regret this.  She’ll need major help and there won’t be anybody there.  She cut off her own family years ago and her ex-sister in law is disabled.  Her new “bff” lives in Chicago and has to ask permission to buy groceries.  Yeah, she’ll get a lot of help from her.