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mother rant


Because of what has happened with my oldest son, I’ve had to speak to my mother.  4 times.  The last time is the last time I’m going to speak to her.  She actually had the nerve to call me and ask if I had SfB address or phone number!!!

The conversation went like this,

me, hello

her, I have a piece of mail for Bill I’d really like to get to him.  Do you have his address or phone number?

me, noooo

her,  do you know anybody that would?

me, noooo

her, well, I’d really like to get it to him

me, draw a line thru the address and write not at this address and put it back in the mail and let them deal with it.

her, (whiny voice) well if he doesn’t have a forwarding address on file…

me interrupts with,That’s HIS problem!

her, (hateful voice) well okay then.

And she hung up on me!!!  I about fell out of the chair!!

I know for a fact she didn’t have phone numbers or addresses for either of her ex-husbands after 4 years. Including my father. Why the fuck does she think I would have it???  And seriously, everybody that I know that was friends with SfB won’t have anything to do with him.





I’m still snickering


And even laughing out loud.  My mother calls my son from time to time.  Now she’s complaining SfB is either drunk or hung over.  Plus she’s still complaining about him cutting the hose with the mower last summer.

Oh, and she whined she doesn’t think it’s fair I’m making him pay me to get his stuff out of storage.

Seriously, screw her.  I have over 20 years worth of stupid shit SfB did that I can bitch about.  I still don’t know how he got to be so old and is such an incompetent human being.

Oh, and he doesn’t clean his house and it took him a month to get her car cleaned out.

Ya know, the longer I don’t talk to her the more I realize all she does is complain.  I kid you not, my mother is 78 and is still bitching about something that happened when she was 10!!!  I really don’t mind not listening to her bitch and moan about every fucking thing in her life.



she took the cake but I got the frosting


So, my son called me last night.  He said my mother called him and pretty much launched into a bitch fest about SfB.  <cackle>  Her and my Aunt are sorry they moved him over there and they’re trying to figure out how to get rid of him, he’s worthless, he fucks shit up, blah, blah, blah.  I about died laughing while he was telling me all the shit she said.  He said she asked why I never told her and my son told her “because mom don’t air her dirty laundry and you wouldn’t have believed her anyway.”  He also filled her in on all the big lies he’s told and the internet “girlfriend.”

Serves her right.

I’ll laugh about this for *years*!!!

Oh and the best part is he said he didn’t even giggle or laugh while she was telling him all this stuff.

The letter


So my mother can’t contact me any other way so she sent me a letter.  It was not a letter of apology.  It was hate filled.  She said I was just being self-centered and vindictive.  Okay.  So I let several people read the letter that know what’s going on and so far not a single person thinks she’s right.  My first cousin (on my father’s side) was floored.  Her daughter-in-law was horrified.

I can’t say that I’m totally surprised by it.  She’s always been hateful and when she makes somebody mad she turns it around and makes it the person who is mad’s fault.  She’s made my sister mad and it was her fault for being mad.  She’s made my Aunt mad and it’s her fault for being mad. So now it’s my fault for being mad.  As far as I know she’s never apologized for a damn thing in her whole life.

She made her choice and now she can just live with it.  The letter sealed it.  I’m done with her, and when I’m done, I’m done.

I do know that for the very first time in my whole fucking life somebody thinks of me first.  SfB sure as hell never did.  He was about as inconsiderate as a person could be.  And of course being a woman, the kids and husband always came first, were always considered first.  Now my kids are grown and it’s just me.  So now, I’m first.  But, just putting yourself first isn’t being self-centered.  I lived with Mr self-centered and inconsiderate for 22 years.  I definitely know the difference.



He called twice today.  Once from my mother’s phone which goes straight to voice mail and then he used somebody else’s phone and I answered it before I realized where the number was from.  He wants to know what all is in storage.  2 fucking years later and he thinks I’m going to just drop what I’m doing and run down to Liberal so he can pick thru what’s in storage.  No.  Then he says he can come by and pick up the key.  Hell no.  He can just wait until I’m good and goddamn ready to go get it and then he can come get it out of my storage here.

Oh and apparently he has an actual job.  First one in two years.  All of a sudden he’s playing Mr Wonderful again.  Sorry piece of shit.  He’s doing his very best to turn my family against me.

I’ve also pretty much had it with my job.  The “rules” only apply to certain people for one thing.  The woman that’s the supervisor is flat out a bitch.  One minute she’s stomping around the office being all hateful to everybody and the next minute she’s trying to be your best friend.  I’m going to stop on my lunch hour and check into another job.  If it pays enough and she’ll hire me I’ll put in my notice.  Fuck them.  Oh and they’ll be really fucked, I’m the only one that knows how to do my job.  Nobody in the office knows how to write new petitions.  Nobody.  I’ll give them the standard two week notice and I’ll take my vacation time I have coming too.

At least I get to go see Mr GB friday.  That’ll improve the hell out of this week.

Mother rant


I’m not even sure where to start with this one.

One time when I was at my mother’s, Girl had been sexting with some guy in Canada and her dad was ranting and raving and generally carrying on about it. (not that I blame him mind you) This all happened over the course of a month or so and nobody knew she was even talking to somebody in Canada until the phone bill came.  Anyway, I was talking to my mother and one of the things she said was, we didn’t want Girl to rebel like I did.  And then she went on and laid the whole blame for my rebellion on Duke.  (the abusive “step-parent” and I use that term pretty loosely)

Ummm, SHE was my parent.  I would have done bloody battle if a guy had ever beat one of my kids the way she allowed him to beat me.  She would actually take my sister and LEAVE the house so he could have a “talk” with me.  She claims she never had any idea he was abusing me.  Right.  I had a V shaped bruise on the side of my thigh that lasted 6 months.  It was obviously from the end of a belt.  I can still feel the dents where that bruise was.

And this whole thing with SfB pretty much confirms what I’ve know most of my life.

I was a better parent at 16 than she was at 36!

Oh, and get this, she called my son a few days ago wanting to know if he could loan her some money.  He said he just played dumb and she didn’t say one word about SfB.

I swear to cow, if that woman ever says one fucking word to me about SfB, I’m going to deck her.



There was a lady that read parts of my blog and commented.  All of her comments went in the trash.  On the 13th one she commented on she said it was just too disturbing to read any more.  Then she read at least one more and commented.  She said some pretty derogatory things too.  I’m pretty sure I warned people on the first post that she commented on that I don’t care what people think.  I didn’t care then and I don’t now.  And that’s people I *know.*  Did she somehow think her armchair psychiatrist comments were somehow going to… hell I don’t know… magically transform me in Ms Main Stream Society America???  It amused me that she actually thought I might care what she thought.  Eventually her judgmental opinions just annoyed me.

And seriously, why keep reading if you’re disturbed???  And why the hell does a random stranger’s life disturb you anyway??? Unless it affects you personally, l really don’t think anybody has any say in how I live my life.