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the universe speaks…


So I listened.  I put in an application for a trial court clerk position and I had an interview scheduled for next wednesday.  Had.  This morning the supervisor came in and told me I got a raise.  So.. it made this job pay better than the court clerk position.  But it’s not just the pay either.  There are several reasons to keep my same job.  My company has a match that goes into my Roth IRA.  I don’t have to be vested.  Once it’s in my account, it’s mine.  The insurance in the other job would come out of my wages.  I get an insurance benefit that pays my insurance plus gives me an extra $300 a month in income.  The court positions never get overtime.  I get an hour overtime every week and when the supervisor goes back to working saturday mornings I can get at least 4 hours overtime every week if I want.

talk, talk, talk


<sigh>  You would think a girl could get laid once in a while.  You’d be wrong.  I’ve talked to a whole lot of men and even made a date.  He didn’t show up and the other 3 or 4 I’ve talked to just can’t make a date for one reason or another.  Time is about to run out until after the middle of February.  I think I start next week working 6 days a week and then the week after it’ll be at least 14 days before I get a day off.  I’ll be too tired to get laid.

I decided I’m going to get another tattoo.  I’m going to get a broken heart over a feather.  I’ll have Andy’s name worked into the feather along the spine.  The crack on the heart only goes about half way down and it has a drop of blood coming off the tip.  Or maybe I’ll have him make it blue for a teardrop.  He did “leave me with eyes that cry.”

work, work, work


And no time for anything else!!  The kitchen is a wreck and it’ll stay that way until sunday.  I’ll clean the kitchen and do laundry then.  I work from 8 to 9 today and tomorrow and then we have a tax meeting saturday from 9 to 4.  It’s over in Dodge and I’m one of the ones driving.  We have to be at the office here by 7:45 so we can carpool over there.  At least the food will be decent this time.  Usually we end up with Papa Johns pizza.  Yuck.  But he couldn’t get the regular meeting place so he had to get the restaurant with the big meeting room so we’ll have good food.

Oh and Miss “I’ve been here a year and know everything” quit this week.  I’m not at all sad about that.  We also hired a new lady.  I think she’s over 60 so the drama level should be decreased considerably.

Andy and I are still emailing.  I told him I hoped he misses me as much as I miss him and he said “yes.”  I hope he decides he wants me as much as I want him and will figure out how to make it happen.

I think I’m going to have to take down my craigslist ad.  I just don’t have time for anything other than work and laundry right now!!  LOL