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I have ads up on craigslist and I also answer ads.  There was this guy that I emailed in December and then we’ve answered each other’s ads a couple of times since then.  But for one reason or another we’ve never met.  I think we’ll probably go out to dinner tomorrow night.  If nothing else we’ll each have a regular dining partner.  I hate always having to eat by myself.

I have gotten to where I recognize some guys ads over and over.  I definitely recognize pics.

The married man that also had the m4m ad is still emailing me.  I send him dirty pics every once in a while.  It makes him happy.

I think I’ll probably see Mr Foot Fetish on monday night.  I sent him some foot porn and he about creamed.  LOL  He didn’t answer me for a couple of days and I thought he’d probably moved along without actually meeting but he finally emailed and said he had been sick.  I must say he did send me an extremely erotic pic.  I had sent him one of my feet, soles together and then he sent me one back with that pic on a tablet and his cock pointed at my feet.


no show


Mr 22 was a no show.  Mr GB and I had a nice time anyway.  He didn’t get his ‘scrip filled yet but he can still do plenty for me.  And I can still get him off.  Plus I just like hanging out with him.



Can’t live with them, can’t shoot them.  So many men, so little time.  It’s the sorting that’s tedious.  LOL

I don’t think that Andy is going to actually answer my questions.  <sigh>  Oh well.  I guess it’s enough that he’s there and he isn’t going away.

I went out to a friends house last night and then just came home.  It gave me time away from texts and emails.  I answered Andy this morning and I told him I’m going to Great Bend this afternoon.  He may not reply but he’ll read it.  I’m pretty sure he reads every thing I send him even if he doesn’t reply to it.

Speaking of, I’m going to Mr GB’s house this afternoon and Mr 22 is supposed to show up there too.  Should be way interesting.

Which also means I’ll add another one to the list.

You know, it really is quite freeing to know that absolutely nobody that knows me reads this.  I’ve been tempted a couple of times to give the addy to a couple of people but then I think about it and think of what all I might need to hold back and the urge passes.  I guess if they find it by searching or by accident there’s nothing I can do to prevent that.

I can’t quit him


It was a mistake giving Andy up.  He came right back. He’s in Missouri so there’s a chance we could meet somewhere in the middle for a weekend.  Who knows where this will go but we’re going to stay connected while we go.

Even though it was a mistake giving him up for a while, I’m glad I did it.  It showed me how much I feel when he came back.

Several people at work aren’t going to be happy with me if they find out that Andy and I are basically back together.

A distant memory


Today would have been my 42nd anniversary if I was still married to my first husband.   That’s been so many lifetimes ago.  And another lifetime has passed.  He had such a short life.  He missed so much by choosing to end it so early.

I was a pregnant 16 year old, determined to set my own path.  For better or worse that’s pretty much what’s happened.  There have been plenty of things that happened that I had no control over or choice in.  There have been plenty of financial struggles.  I don’t really see the financial struggles really going away entirely either.  Which is why I’ll most likely do taxes again next year.

well that was fun


I went to one bar to meet a guy from craigslist.  He didn’t send me a pic so when I got there I discovered he looked old and wasn’t that attractive.  So after a couple of beers he finally left and then so did I since the guy that I would have been interested in left too.  I went by Jax and didn’t see anybody so I was going to Rosie’s.  I got as far as the door and they play Mexican music and I can’t stand that so I went back to Jax.

I think I knew what his name was to begin with but by this morning when I took him home I had no idea what it was.  He was a good looking, 23 year old Mexican guy.  He was very enthusiastic.  I think I sprained my ass.



Mr GB & Mr 22 are talking to each other.  Mr 22 hasn’t been talking to me though.  Mr GB says he has him talked into the threesome.  It should be very interesting.

I told Andy I was thinking about it.  And I think I’ve decided I really and truly do not want him gone from my life forever if I don’t have to.  I’ve made no promises to him or to anyone else so there’s not a question of fidelity on my part to anyone.  On his part it’s his marriage and his guilt and he doesn’t have any guilt about what he does nor am I responsible for it.  I think what he and I have is pretty special.  I think I’ll tell him that later today.