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I liked what I said and I’ll say it again…


There was a post on a facebook group about the Amish putting mistakes in their quilts on purpose.  Balderdash, horse pucky, pure assed bullshit.

Anyway this is what I posted and not long after it got taken down.  So I’ll preserve it here for posterity.

“No they don’t. That would be the sin of arrogance to think your work is so perfect you have to make an intentional mistake. And god doesn’t make perfect things either anyway. No two things in nature are identical, no two snowflakes, no two leaves, no two flowers, trees, people, dogs, cats, etc, etc. So if no two things are identical there can only be 1 perfect one. Which one single blade of grass is perfect out of trillions and trillions of blades of grass???”

Maybe it’ll get through to someone and they’ll take the stick out of their ass and just have fun with it.


the “list”


Yeah, I have a “list”.  So I was a bad girl.  I never gave a shit what anybody thought about it and I still don’t.  If you do then don’t read past this point.

So, I couldn’t sleep last night and to occupy myself I decided to try and write down the list of dudes I’ve had sex with.  At one time I had a list.  Then I got married and got rid of it.  Well I got rid of the married and now I want the list again.  Here’s the thing, I’m pretty sure I remember pretty close to what number shit for brains (husband #2, hereinafter known as SfB) was but I can only remember less than half that number now.  That means there were a whole lot of totally forget able dudes.

I used a number system so when I remember somebody from the very early years I can add them to the list without it bugging me they’re out of order.  For dudes that I remember the place and era, I add a notation to jog my memory next to where their name goes.  Some I had no idea at the time what the hell their name was so I just put the place or other info where their name would be.  I have 5 eras, #1 is 70 to 73, that’s from the first guy to the beginning of my first marriage.  #2 is 73 to 79, that’s during my first marriage.  #3 is 79 to 85 when I moved in with Jim and then #4, 88 to 92 is from when Jim moved out to when I married Bill.  Era #5 will be this single stage however long it lasts.

Interesting notation. there are 6 pairs of brothers on my list.

The number that’s on my list right now is 80.

My motto the last time I was single was “So many men, So little time.”  This time I think it’s going to be “Men, can’t live with them, can’t shoot them.”

And no.  I’m not actually going to publish the list.