Monthly Archives: March 2012

today’s rant


I belong to a very large online quilt forum.  Somebody posted several pictures of people with multiple piercings and tattoos and lots of people jumped in to ridicule and make snarky comments about their lifestyles and characters.  I’m still amazed the mods have let the whole topic go on for over a dozen pages now.  

Most of them really seriously struck me as a bunch of old biddys with their “Well, I never”s.  Then I jumped in.  I did refrain from calling them a bunch of old biddys but I did point out they were being very prejudiced.

One of the hottest guys I ever went out with was a lawyer with an almost full body tattoo.  As long as he was wearing his suit you’d never know he had a single tattoo.  But naked, OMG!!!  

The moral of this story is “never judge a book by its cover.”