Monthly Archives: July 2013

and life blows up…


Talk about having your life blow up!!  Right now for all intents and purposes I’m homeless, and have no job or income.

It actually started during that car buying trip.  I called hubby to let him know I was on my way home earlier than expected and he told me he had the day off.  He gave some excuse about they hired a new supervisor so everybody was getting time off.  Turns out he had actually quit his job.  I didn’t find out for a week though.  I only found out because the COBRA thing came in the mail and it said he was terminated.  

Then he pretended he got hired and had another job.  He kept that pretense up for almost two weeks.  Of course come payday there was no paycheck.

He quit his job on the 21st of March and I told him on the 28th of April that I thought we should separate.  It took until the 24th of May for him to leave.  He went to a friend’s house and did almost exactly the same thing to them, claimed he had a job and then come payday there was no paycheck.

From there he went to my youngest son’s house.  They told him he could stay until harvest started when my daughter in law goes to work.  She wasn’t going to pay a babysitter since the oldest is 12 and they didn’t want to leave the kids alone with hubby.  So from there he was homeless.

His family has offered him absolutely no assistance.  I’m ashamed to even know these people.

I am fairly certain hubby is in the beginning stages of some form of dementia.  I had to get some time and distance before I saw it though so I don’t have any way to help him.

I have applied for a job and hopefully I’ll get it and can get moved back to Garden City.  My current situation is okay but I am not really comfortable here.  I need my own space.