Monthly Archives: February 2013

Passing of a friend


One of my youngest friends passed away last week and her funeral was yesterday.  I’m friends with her whole family.  She had been ill for some time so her passing wasn’t totally unexpected.

The service was held in a beautiful Catholic church and the service itself was beautiful and very fitting.  After the graveside service everyone was invited to eat with the family at the local Elks lodge and the dinner was good.

After the dinner I was asked to go out to the mother of the deceased’s home to visit with the family.

I have been friends with the mother of the deceased for several years also but after she sold the bar she owned and we moved I didn’t see that much of her.

I knew she had a fairly strong conservative leaning but I didn’t know she’d gone ultra right-wing conservative.  She started off by asking me if I watched Fox News.  She thinks everybody should watch it.  I never watch Fox News.  I don’t watch news tv channels in general but I avoid that one like the plague.  Then she asked what I thought about Sandy Hook.  Mmmm, I think it was a major tragedy and I couldn’t watch the coverage at all.  Then she started telling me that it was all a major conspiracy!  I had heard there were conspiracy theorists about Sandy Hook but I know there has always been a fringe element that has conspiracy theories about nearly everything but I never knew anybody that actually believed them.  

It seems I’ve lost another friend but to Right-Wing paranoia and fanatacism.