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totally not the way to do it..


So I went to the bar last night and there was a guy in there that might have had a chance.  He was over 40 and fairly good looking.  He was also waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay drunk and then he got a little bit too handsy and I had to tell him to back off.  One of the other guys he was with saw what was going on and asked me to go out and have a cig with him.  I went out just to get away from Mr Annoying.  Yeah, he didn’t even introduce himself before he started putting his hands on me.  It’s no wonder men have a hard time picking up women!!

It makes me look forward to the date on Wednesday even more.


never letting go…


And I don’t have to.  Andy said he’s okay with staying in touch.  That makes me really happy.  Honestly if he was here, I would be his 100% forever.  But he’s not here and a girl has needs.  I think I’m going to just date though.  Okay, let’s be realistic, I’m just going to go out and get laid once in a while.

this irritates me…


And the more I think about it the more it pisses me off.  My sister called my friend Kay and left a message on her voice mail asking about Bill.  I’m afraid she’s going to have to ask ME about Bill if she wants to know anything.  Kay doesn’t have the slightest idea where Bill is or what he’s doing or anything else, nor does she want to know.  There were a couple of incidents with my sister that pissed me off at the time.  I don’t think he had sex with her but I think she was pulling the “I’m better than Kathy” game she always pulls when she’s jealous and he fell into it like the idiot he is.

One of the things my sister doesn’t realize is Kay and her sister Sondra are *my* friends.  She might know Kay but from what Kay has told me she never was friends with my sister and from what she says doesn’t particularly like my sister.  I know Sondra doesn’t like my sister because of the way she has treated me and our mother in the past.

moving along


So I definitely have a date on Wednesday.  The girls at work are sure I’m going to find an ax murderer.  He said he’d rather use a machete.  I told a couple of the girls at work what he said and they thought it was amusing too.  They still think I’m completely out of my mind.  I tell them crazy people have more fun.

I’m pretty sure I’m going to have a real good time with “Mr hot gramma.”  He has a sense of humor and is kind of off the wall, a lot like I am.  He’s decent looking and he’s sitting on a really comfy looking bike in the pic he sent.

Not going out until Wednesday gives me time to get a lot of stuff done around here.  I need to do a whooooooooooole lotta laundry, I think I counted 10 loads.  Plus I absolutely have to get my tax classes done over this weekend.

It’s going to be really weird only making dinner rolls and sweet potatoes.  Although going to friend’s beats the hell out of last years Golden Corral with Bill.

Self inflicted pain


It’s not like I didn’t know he was leaving but I let myself get *really* attached to Andy.  So I decided I have to do something to get him out of my system so to speak.  Instead of putting an ad on craigslist I answered two ads.  We’ll see.  I think I likely have a dinner date with one next week on Wednesday.  The other one has just started answering me.

house fairies


I have them.  Yeah, I know you don’t believe me but listen to this.  I keep a small dish that I put treats in for my house fairies.  I ask them to find things for me from time to time and they do.  This last time I gave them cinnamon roll.  So far I’ve found silverware that’s been missing for a year.  My spare car key that’s been missing for a year and it was at a friend’s house!  I found my bear and my post office box bank.  It seems like there was one other thing they found but I don’t remember what it was now.  I’ll have to make brownies before long to thank them again.  Maybe I’ll make some tomorrow and take part of them to work on monday.  Gawd knows I don’t need a whole pan of brownies!!