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Neighbor shuffle


There are 4 empty apartments in the building again.  My older friend from downstairs found herself a man and moved.  After they fixed her apartment some guy moved in for a couple of months and now he’s moved out.  I never even saw him once.

Then Little Miss Thief from the third floor got herself suddenly evicted.  Pajama Pants (seriously, that’s what we call him) had her come clean his apartment and naturally she found stuff to steal.  Too bad it included checks.  LMT’s boyfriend cashed 2 of the checks.

Then the black kid (middle 20’s?) that lived on my floor moved upstairs next to Bruce, in the apartment above my living room.  That apartment has had several in and out since they kicked the building owner’s step daughter out.  So far I haven’t heard any noise and Bruce is getting along with him just fine.  When he lived on this floor I could hear him yelling clear down in the laundry room sometimes.  I never did hear him if I was in my apartment though.  The lady that lives in my old apartment complained several times about the noise from that kid.  He is nice enough, just really, really loud.

Oddly enough, those three apartments are one on top of the other.  They’re all on the worst corner of the building for sunlight.  It’s an inside corner and none of the windows get direct sun.

The other empty apartment is the 2 bedroom on the first floor.  I think that apartment is one that still needs new carpet.  I know the couple moved in to that apartment before it was bought by the new owners so they’ll do carpet at least.  The couple that lived in that apartment bought a townhouse.  Some of the apartments still have carpet from the middle 90s.  As longer term residents move out they take the old carpet out and repaint at least before new people move in.

And there will be another empty apartment before long.  The drug dealer on 3 is getting evicted finally.  Not because he sold heroin to an undercover cop in the parking lot and got arrested.  He lost the good job he had and drug dealing apparently isn’t enough to cover the rent.  Drug dealer really seriously needs to go.  He let a homeless guy stay with him a time or two, and now the homeless guy wants to hang around here all the time trying to get DD to let him in.  We chased homeless guy off last night.  He had already had the cops called on him once yesterday so the second time he would get arrested for trespassing.  He hasn’t been back as far as I know since we ran him off last night.

I think the only person that has lived here longer than me is Bruce.  I’m not sure about a lady that lives downstairs.  She doesn’t remember for sure when she moved in but I think she was already here when I moved in.




the neighbor girl


Turns out she’s a little thief.  She stole $20 out of my purse and swore up and down she didn’t.  Then she swiped 3 lighters out of a kitchen drawer.  I won’t be letting her in my apartment anymore.

I also totally blew her away when I told her I had two boyfriends and they know about each other.  And they’re both perfectly okay with it.

Mr GB calls me nearly every day.  He usually says he just wanted to check in with me.  I love his voice.

Andy still emails me and tells me what his schedule is and where he’s going next.  He’s home for a week right now.

This takes the fucking cake


I’m really pissed at my mother.  I found out from my *neighbor* that SfB moved in with my mother.  So I called her and she went on and on about how he’ll be getting a job and he can go live in an apartment my aunt owns, blah fucking blah.  I told her “good luck with that.”  She went on and on about how he’s been working and supporting himself.  Ummm, no, he was a homeless person sponging off somebody.  If he’s working so much why doe he have to go live with her???  Where’s his apartment and car?????  Oh wait, he doesn’t have those things.

Fuck her.  Then I called my son and HE didn’t know either!!!  Then I called Girl, it was a real shock to her too.

I unfriended my mother on facebook.

I won’t be going for Thanksgiving or Christmas if he’s there.  I won’t be going to the funeral service of my good friend’s brother either.  Their brother was SfB’s uncle.  Yeah, I don’t want to see the ex in laws if I don’t have to either.

My neighbor actually waited by the front door for me so he could tell me.

gettin’ hot


This one is about me for a change.  I live in an old school building.  It has three floors.  Since it was a school, there are large staircases on each end of the building. The bottom flight has 8 steps.  The next 3 flights have 12 steps.  Right now I’m doing two stair laps in the mornings.  There’s also a sidewalk that goes all the way around the outside of the building.  I did 4 sets of 3 laps each tonight.

When I did stair laps last fall I lost 13 pounds.  By the end of tax season I had gained 4 back.  I’ve lost 2 of those pounds so far.  My goal is to lose another 10 by the end of summer.

I’m thinking, if I’m going to date younger men, I need to be in better shape.  None of them have complained so far mind you, but it will make me feel even better and it should improve the things I can do.



So, I was outside last night having my evening smoke and Mr Upstairs comes out with his dog and starts complaining about all the neighbors but most especially the one that lives next to him.  He said they’ve woken him up in the middle of the night “hammering.”  He told me they woke him up late at night several times.

I saw the upstairs neighbor tonight and told him about it.  He said he hasn’t done any hammering.  <cackle>  I told him that I have had a few “enthusiastic guests” and it’s my headboard banging on the window sills.  I’ll have to figure out a way to pad it or move it farther from the windows.