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The new man


I mentioned meeting him towards the end of my last post.  He was here for two nights in March.  He was here the day before my birthday and the day of my birthday.  The first night I wore my new pink skirt, black patterned tights, the short boots, a silk top and my gray silk blazer.  It was a really pretty outfit.  We had dinner at the nice restaurant.

On my birthday I wore my jean skirt, the lace tights, the short boots and a cute t-shirt that has a deep slit that shows cleavage.  We went to one of the local sports bars and we were eating and he reached out and moved the bottle of steak sauce because it “obstructed his view.”  LOL

Then when we got back to the hotel I sat down on the edge of the bed and he says “I have something for you” and handed me an envelope with a birthday card.  Inside the card was a Visa gift card with $100 bucks on it!!

He has to come here at least once every 90 days but since he has a reason to come more often he will.  He asked me if the first wednesday and thursday of May would work for me and I told him I could miss my meeting with enough advance notice so he changed his schedule so I don’t have to miss my quilt guild meeting!!!

He’s somewhat of an exhibitionist.  We had sex with me leaning on the end of the bed and him behind me.  The end of the bed is in front of the window and he opened the drapes!!  He said next time he’ll get a room on the front of the hotel!!  I hope it’s at least on the second floor.  LOL

He also wants to have a threesome.  It’s actually a lot more likely to happen with him than it was with Randy.  For one thing he doesn’t want to just watch.  He wants somebody that will give him head and that he can give head to.  So I put an ad on CL and we have two very good possibilities.  Both are men that come here for work often and stay in hotels.  We decided that since he’s here two nights we’ll have one night with a third and then one night just to ourselves.

The attorney that works for my company wants to read my blog.  I very undecided about that.  She also said I should write a book about my life.  That I’m actually considering.  This laptop doesn’t have a word processing program on it though and I don’t really want to use the old desktop computer.  Guess I’ll look for a free word processing program to download.





Ramble on


Hmmmm, where to start.

Think I’ll start with SfB.  So he wore out his welcome at my mother’s house and at my aunt’s apartment.  So then he moved to a cheap hotel and then from there to some lady’s house.  Then he was in a bar a week or so before the Super Bowl and got beat up and was in the hospital for a few days.  Apparently he worked a few days at his job after he got out of the hospital and then bought a bus ticket over here.

I’m amused that he actually had a job.  Right after he went over there he got a job at Wal-Mart.  He lost that job because he “tried to stop a thief.”  Uhhhh, from the loading dock? Then he got a job at Safeway.

He showed up at the neighbor’s apartment (hereinafter known as Mike) on Super Bowl night about 2:30.  Pissed Mike off to have him just show up in the middle of the night like that and expect to just live with him.  Mike gave him two weeks.  This is the funny part, SfB did his best to avoid me!  I only saw him once while he was staying here!

I actually talked to Mike last night and SfB told him all sort of crazy ass lies.  SfB told him I was living in the “lap of luxury” because I had “taken” him for $100K.  Sure I did.  That’s why I’m driving a 14 year old car and living in a 2 bedroom apartment.  And that’s obviously why I worked 65 hours a week during tax season for two years.  Mike didn’t believe him of course because he was a supervisor at the same plant SfB was a supervisor and Mike knows how much he would have made.

Oh and because SfB heard that I had a boyfriend so he told Mike he had a girlfriend but both times Mike was over there he didn’t see her.  I’m sure she’s fiction.  I mean seriously, who wants an unkempt, homeless, drunk, 57 year old man that works a low pay job???

Randy started texting me again the saturday before Xmas.  He still hasn’t apologized for treating me bad though.  He’d text me a couple of times about some random thing or another.  Then when I told him I had met someone that comes here for work he wanted to know if he could come watch.  I told him it wasn’t Danny’s thing.  So he asked me what Danny’s thing is and I told him “spoiling me.”  LOL

And spoiling me is exactly what Danny wants to do.  We met for the first time on a thursday evening.  I met him at his hotel.  He greeted me naked!! Well, he had a towel on. LOL We chatted for a bit while he finished getting ready and then we went to a nice restaurant and had dinner and drinks.  I dressed up!  I had on short boots, patterned tights, my black mini skirt, a black silky top that has a keyhole and shows just a bit of cleavage and my gray silk blazer and I looked really, really good.  After dinner we went back to his hotel and had sex twice.  He’ll be here again the first week of March which is really cool because my birthday is that week.  And I have a new mini skirt and top to wear this time!

Andy and I are talking about meeting some time this summer for a weekend if he ends up close enough.  I finally convinced him that I really can afford my end of the trip and it’s really okay for me to pay for my end of the trip.  LOL  I have to save up and pay my tax bill but once that’s paid all that money is mine!  I told him that after the tax bill is paid I’ll have money for fun and for savings and he was happier with that.

And I will have the money to do fun things after April!!  I got another raise at work and I have several bills paid off!!







out and in


I broke up with Randy.

I had agreed to have a threesome with another man.  Then he started bringing up having another woman.  I told him I don’t do women several times.  He would not let it drop and kept pushing the issue.

Then he started bitching about things.  Just odd little things but it got on my nerves a couple of times.

Then the last saturday night I was there I was laying across the bed, leaning on my right elbow, giving him head and I moved wrong and my shoulder exploded into pain.  It just pissed him off.  That really hurt my feelings.  Then sunday morning he got up really early so I packed up and put my stuff in the car.  He actually drove off before I started my car.  I texted him I didn’t think I’d be back. He never answered.

The next saturday I met Ross.  He’s a construction super for a good size project here so he’ll only be here until November.  And he’s married.  We’ve become good friends in addition to being lovers. I’ll continue to see him while he’s here.

Andy is in Alaska and will be heading to Cape Cod in January.  He has at least two more years with this company so I’ll cross my fingers he gets to come back to the mid-west some time next year.

getting better!


The weekend with Mr GB was fabulous!  He gave me a foot rub!  Nobody has ever done that.  I’m not telling him those heels don’t make my feet hurt!  LOL  Friday night was good.  Then we goofed off saturday morning and had lunch and then decided we needed a nap.  We had a little fun first and then we both slept for an hour or so.  After we got up we went to the store and got country style pork ribs for supper and he grilled them.  Oh damn were they ever good!!

Saturday night got real intense.  I came home with two hickies on my neck and a bite mark on my arm!  You could just barely see the mark on my arm.

We still haven’t had a third join us yet.  There is a guy in GB that might join us sometime.  We’ll see.



I’ve been to his house four times so far.  Our “dick” (Mr 22) never showed up so I fired him.  He hasn’t texted me since.  This last time with Mr GB was really good.

I bought a jean mini skirt and wore my heels and the black lace unders.  When I drove up he was standing in the garage with his head down looking at his phone.  I don’t think he knew I was there until the car door shut.  When I started walking up the drive he had walked out by the front of his pickup but he still had his head down.  When he looked up and saw me he whistled.  Yeah, that kind of whistle.  I didn’t even get my bag out of the car before I was undressed and in bed!!  LOL  Well, it wasn’t quite that fast, we did order pasta and go get it and have supper before we went in the bedroom.

I ordered a faux leather mini skirt.  And a gray faux suede fringed bag.  I spent a whole 33.00!!

Oh and this is awesome, l bought a dark red suede jacket from a quilt guild member’s estate when we lived in Liberal.  It lacked a good two inches of fastening.  It fastens with hooks and eyes and is fringed down the front.  I really loved it and gave a whole $75 bucks for it.  It’s probably at least a $150 dollar jacket and it still had covers on the buttons and all the tags.  It fits like a glove now.  The black lace bra I bought fits really nice now.  The mini skirt I bought was a 9/10.  I think the next size is going to be harder to lose than the first two were.  I walk most every day and it really does me a lot of good.  And I got a whistle.



So, I was outside last night having my evening smoke and Mr Upstairs comes out with his dog and starts complaining about all the neighbors but most especially the one that lives next to him.  He said they’ve woken him up in the middle of the night “hammering.”  He told me they woke him up late at night several times.

I saw the upstairs neighbor tonight and told him about it.  He said he hasn’t done any hammering.  <cackle>  I told him that I have had a few “enthusiastic guests” and it’s my headboard banging on the window sills.  I’ll have to figure out a way to pad it or move it farther from the windows.



Can’t live with them, can’t shoot them.  So many men, so little time.  It’s the sorting that’s tedious.  LOL

I don’t think that Andy is going to actually answer my questions.  <sigh>  Oh well.  I guess it’s enough that he’s there and he isn’t going away.

I went out to a friends house last night and then just came home.  It gave me time away from texts and emails.  I answered Andy this morning and I told him I’m going to Great Bend this afternoon.  He may not reply but he’ll read it.  I’m pretty sure he reads every thing I send him even if he doesn’t reply to it.

Speaking of, I’m going to Mr GB’s house this afternoon and Mr 22 is supposed to show up there too.  Should be way interesting.

Which also means I’ll add another one to the list.

You know, it really is quite freeing to know that absolutely nobody that knows me reads this.  I’ve been tempted a couple of times to give the addy to a couple of people but then I think about it and think of what all I might need to hold back and the urge passes.  I guess if they find it by searching or by accident there’s nothing I can do to prevent that.