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The new man


I mentioned meeting him towards the end of my last post.  He was here for two nights in March.  He was here the day before my birthday and the day of my birthday.  The first night I wore my new pink skirt, black patterned tights, the short boots, a silk top and my gray silk blazer.  It was a really pretty outfit.  We had dinner at the nice restaurant.

On my birthday I wore my jean skirt, the lace tights, the short boots and a cute t-shirt that has a deep slit that shows cleavage.  We went to one of the local sports bars and we were eating and he reached out and moved the bottle of steak sauce because it “obstructed his view.”  LOL

Then when we got back to the hotel I sat down on the edge of the bed and he says “I have something for you” and handed me an envelope with a birthday card.  Inside the card was a Visa gift card with $100 bucks on it!!

He has to come here at least once every 90 days but since he has a reason to come more often he will.  He asked me if the first wednesday and thursday of May would work for me and I told him I could miss my meeting with enough advance notice so he changed his schedule so I don’t have to miss my quilt guild meeting!!!

He’s somewhat of an exhibitionist.  We had sex with me leaning on the end of the bed and him behind me.  The end of the bed is in front of the window and he opened the drapes!!  He said next time he’ll get a room on the front of the hotel!!  I hope it’s at least on the second floor.  LOL

He also wants to have a threesome.  It’s actually a lot more likely to happen with him than it was with Randy.  For one thing he doesn’t want to just watch.  He wants somebody that will give him head and that he can give head to.  So I put an ad on CL and we have two very good possibilities.  Both are men that come here for work often and stay in hotels.  We decided that since he’s here two nights we’ll have one night with a third and then one night just to ourselves.

The attorney that works for my company wants to read my blog.  I very undecided about that.  She also said I should write a book about my life.  That I’m actually considering.  This laptop doesn’t have a word processing program on it though and I don’t really want to use the old desktop computer.  Guess I’ll look for a free word processing program to download.






well that was fun


I went to one bar to meet a guy from craigslist.  He didn’t send me a pic so when I got there I discovered he looked old and wasn’t that attractive.  So after a couple of beers he finally left and then so did I since the guy that I would have been interested in left too.  I went by Jax and didn’t see anybody so I was going to Rosie’s.  I got as far as the door and they play Mexican music and I can’t stand that so I went back to Jax.

I think I knew what his name was to begin with but by this morning when I took him home I had no idea what it was.  He was a good looking, 23 year old Mexican guy.  He was very enthusiastic.  I think I sprained my ass.

Cabbages & Kings


When things change they really, really fucking change!!!

Ya’all know Andy told me he was married saturday night.  Well, I went to Liberal on sunday and I was just driving along and Drift Away came on the mp3 and made me cry.  It never has before.  Then on wednesday I saw an ad.  He has an ad on the craigslist where he’s working.  Actually that day he had 3 ads up.  Two of them were for women.  The other one was for a man.  Somehow that’s the one that disturbed me.

I actually replied to one of his ads and said I wished it was me he was hosting.  I thought at the time when I saw the m4m ad that it was him but I wasn’t positive.  So then last night I was going to check that ad again but he had taken all three of those ads down and put up a new one.  He used the same pic that was in the m4m ad.  I can’t unsee what I saw.

Thursday I broke down in my bosses office and told her about Andy being married and not knowing what I want to do.  She gave me some pretty solid advice.

Then last night a guy emailed me after I saw Andy’s new ad and was sure the m4m ad was his too.  I was in just the right mood and went to his hotel and got laid.  It wasn’t the best I ever had but it worked for the time.

I gave him the 5 minute condensed rundown and he asked me one question, Do you want to live in a place of pain?  Uhhh, no, as a matter of fact I don’t.

The pain is Andy, pure and simple.  Between the time I saw Andy’s new ad and when I went to the hotel I put my own ad up on craigslist.  I’ve got emails from at least 2 dozen me so far and there’s at least two of them I’m real interested in.

Oh, Mr Cute Motel is #oops.

And now I have a date with a guy for next saturday night.  I’m going to drive to his house!!

the “list”


Yeah, I have a “list”.  So I was a bad girl.  I never gave a shit what anybody thought about it and I still don’t.  If you do then don’t read past this point.

So, I couldn’t sleep last night and to occupy myself I decided to try and write down the list of dudes I’ve had sex with.  At one time I had a list.  Then I got married and got rid of it.  Well I got rid of the married and now I want the list again.  Here’s the thing, I’m pretty sure I remember pretty close to what number shit for brains (husband #2, hereinafter known as SfB) was but I can only remember less than half that number now.  That means there were a whole lot of totally forget able dudes.

I used a number system so when I remember somebody from the very early years I can add them to the list without it bugging me they’re out of order.  For dudes that I remember the place and era, I add a notation to jog my memory next to where their name goes.  Some I had no idea at the time what the hell their name was so I just put the place or other info where their name would be.  I have 5 eras, #1 is 70 to 73, that’s from the first guy to the beginning of my first marriage.  #2 is 73 to 79, that’s during my first marriage.  #3 is 79 to 85 when I moved in with Jim and then #4, 88 to 92 is from when Jim moved out to when I married Bill.  Era #5 will be this single stage however long it lasts.

Interesting notation. there are 6 pairs of brothers on my list.

The number that’s on my list right now is 80.

My motto the last time I was single was “So many men, So little time.”  This time I think it’s going to be “Men, can’t live with them, can’t shoot them.”

And no.  I’m not actually going to publish the list.