the one that made me lol


So I meet this guy.  He tells me he’s the golf pro at an area golf course and he’s designed golf course in South Korea, blah, blah, blah.  Tells me he’s really fit and he’s 5’8″.  I’m 5’3″ and in 3 inch heels I was an inch taller than him.  But without heels he’s taller than I am so I overlooked that.  He was fairly good looking too.

We met at a local sports bar and had a couple of drinks and a light dinner and then we came to my apartment.  We eventually moved to the bedroom.

So we’re having sex and he would almost get me to orgasm and then stop.  After the 4th time he did that, I gave him a good squeeze and that was all he wrote.  (do those kegels ladies!)  And I cracked up laughing.  It does tend to take men by surprise when I do that but most of them just really get into the slow fuck so they can enjoy it.  This guy went off like a teenager.  And I’m not talking about just a laugh, it was a full out dying laughing laugh.

A week or so later he started texting me again.  Eventually he just kind of went away.


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