Mother rant


I’m not even sure where to start with this one.

One time when I was at my mother’s, Girl had been sexting with some guy in Canada and her dad was ranting and raving and generally carrying on about it. (not that I blame him mind you) This all happened over the course of a month or so and nobody knew she was even talking to somebody in Canada until the phone bill came.  Anyway, I was talking to my mother and one of the things she said was, we didn’t want Girl to rebel like I did.  And then she went on and laid the whole blame for my rebellion on Duke.  (the abusive “step-parent” and I use that term pretty loosely)

Ummm, SHE was my parent.  I would have done bloody battle if a guy had ever beat one of my kids the way she allowed him to beat me.  She would actually take my sister and LEAVE the house so he could have a “talk” with me.  She claims she never had any idea he was abusing me.  Right.  I had a V shaped bruise on the side of my thigh that lasted 6 months.  It was obviously from the end of a belt.  I can still feel the dents where that bruise was.

And this whole thing with SfB pretty much confirms what I’ve know most of my life.

I was a better parent at 16 than she was at 36!

Oh, and get this, she called my son a few days ago wanting to know if he could loan her some money.  He said he just played dumb and she didn’t say one word about SfB.

I swear to cow, if that woman ever says one fucking word to me about SfB, I’m going to deck her.


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