I’ve been worried about Mr GB for the last few days.  He told me wednesday his son thought he had a stroke and took him to the hospital.  Well, it’s a fairly small town and they said he was just dehydrated and gave him an IV and sent him home.  So he drove to Kansas City thursday and was still there this morning and took himself to a hospital.  They told him he did have a stroke and had some blockage and took him in to surgery.  I haven’t heard back from him yet but I expect it will be at least tomorrow before I hear from him.  I hate waiting for these kinds of things and I really wish I was there but it’s clear across the state and of course with hospital rules the way they are they wouldn’t tell me anything anyway.  <sigh>

From what I could tell from his texts and his voice it must not have been a major stroke.  The only symptom he was really complaining about was his vision.  His texts were a little off but not major and he didn’t have any paralysis because he drove halfway across the state thursday morning so he should be in good shape after the surgery.

A friend of mine had 2 minor and 1 major stroke before she got to a doctor and the effects were pretty bad for her.  She was never quite the same after.

Even though we don’t get to spend a lot time together, we’ve become good friends.  We talk and text all the time.

Even though driving was probably not a good thing at all, I’m *really* glad he ended up in a good hospital where they recognized the symptoms right away and took care of him.


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