There was a lady that read parts of my blog and commented.  All of her comments went in the trash.  On the 13th one she commented on she said it was just too disturbing to read any more.  Then she read at least one more and commented.  She said some pretty derogatory things too.  I’m pretty sure I warned people on the first post that she commented on that I don’t care what people think.  I didn’t care then and I don’t now.  And that’s people I *know.*  Did she somehow think her armchair psychiatrist comments were somehow going to… hell I don’t know… magically transform me in Ms Main Stream Society America???  It amused me that she actually thought I might care what she thought.  Eventually her judgmental opinions just annoyed me.

And seriously, why keep reading if you’re disturbed???  And why the hell does a random stranger’s life disturb you anyway??? Unless it affects you personally, l really don’t think anybody has any say in how I live my life.


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