Karma’s a Bitch…

(I wrote this as an email to somebody.  I edited it a little.  I didn’t want to lose it though so I posted it here.)
    Just ask Bill.  It cracks me up now although at the time I was seriously pissed.
    We had moved to Oklahoma in August of 2008.  He had been there for a couple of months by himself and apparently got addicted to internet porn and was on several dating sites.  So around March of 2009 I was on my way over to Liberal to get groceries when he called me on the cell phone and wanted to know if we had a mouse that worked with the laptop.  I couldn’t figure out what the hell he was talking about so I said I’d fix it when I got home.  By the time I got home he had already left for work.  I got everything put away and then sat down to take a look at the laptop.  When I opened it, it said it was locked.  It had never been locked before.  So I closed it and went to my sewing room and my computer.  Eventually my brain kicked in and told me that I was the one that set up his email and I knew the password.  Sooo, I logged into his email and his inbox was totally empty.  So I looked in the trash.  It was all there.  There were a couple of weeks worth of chats and emails with a … well for now I’ll say woman.  Anyway, so I read thru a lot of it and it was soooooooooo 3rd grade and stupid that it was just laughable.  I think the part that pissed me off the most was he was planning on sending “her” money and they were going to meet at my oldest son’s in Colorado.  (I know Son 1, he wouldn’t have had any part of it)  Anyway, I called him at work and told him we had a problem and he needed to get his ass home.  Over the course of the next two or three days he told me that her “brother” would call him on the cell phone to tell him when to go chat on the laptop because in their “culture” women weren’t allowed to talk to me on the phone.  Yeah, he was chatting with a man the whole time.  Karma 1, Bill 0.
   I think the moral of this part is, empty the trash too.  LOL
    Then a couple of months or so later I had a friend in Guymon that was going to go file for a divorce and was going to a lawyer in Liberal and she wanted me to go with her.  It was on a Friday afternoon and we had gotten one of those car dealership things in the mail that has the key to come in and see if you win the vehicle.  Bill was going to go to Garden and see one of his friends so he decided he would stop and see if he won the vehicle.  He traded his truck for a $17K giant ass Ford truck.  He didn’t have a clue if we could make the payment or insurance or afford for him to drive it to work.  That made me even madder than the “girlfriend” did.  He’s seriously lucky I didn’t bash him in the back of the head with a shovel and shove his ass off into the septic tank.  But they pump those things every so often, so he lived.  Then we moved to Greeley Colorado (July 4th, 2010) and on the way we got trapped in the hail storm on I-70 just past Limon.  It did $6K damage to that truck and we just fixed the lights and put the rest on the loan so that brought how much we owed way down on it.  We were only in Greeley a total of 9 months and moved back to Liberal.  Since the drive for him to go to work was now 40 miles we couldn’t afford for him to drive the truck so he was driving MY car!!!  So I made him go trade it off and since he was feeling contrite when we traded it off he put my name on the title to the car. (2008 Pontiac G6)  It wasn’t on the title of the truck because I wasn’t there when he bought it.  In Kansas you can put two names on a title as and/or and only one person has to sign then to sell it.  He ended up living in the car here in Garden last winter. (Sept ’13 to May ’14)  I was putting gas in it so he could run the heater at night but after it warmed up some I quit paying for the gas.  He couldn’t put gas in it of course so it ended up parked.  I got this letter in the mail from Seaboard Foods that said he had a $187 uncashed check and if would sign the letter and get it notarized they would send it to him.  I called the guy he was staying with and told him if Bill brought the car back I would give him the letter.  It took him a week and a half to get the junk out of the car and bring it back.  The car was so nasty and disgusting I had to have it detailed before I could sell it but I got to sell it without his signature.  Karma 2, Bill 0.
     As far as I know he’s still staying with that guy in a motor home in a camper park and still not working.  The last time I saw him was on October 26th and I just saw him standing outside of the convenience store he hangs out at as I was driving past with Andy.  I think it’s also sort of fitting that the last time I saw him was on that day.  Karma 3, Bill 0. (It’s been over 6 months now since I’ve seen him at all.)
Sorry about the lack of spacing.  It wouldn’t let me add them since I copy/pasted.

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