I have ads up on craigslist and I also answer ads.  There was this guy that I emailed in December and then we’ve answered each other’s ads a couple of times since then.  But for one reason or another we’ve never met.  I think we’ll probably go out to dinner tomorrow night.  If nothing else we’ll each have a regular dining partner.  I hate always having to eat by myself.

I have gotten to where I recognize some guys ads over and over.  I definitely recognize pics.

The married man that also had the m4m ad is still emailing me.  I send him dirty pics every once in a while.  It makes him happy.

I think I’ll probably see Mr Foot Fetish on monday night.  I sent him some foot porn and he about creamed.  LOL  He didn’t answer me for a couple of days and I thought he’d probably moved along without actually meeting but he finally emailed and said he had been sick.  I must say he did send me an extremely erotic pic.  I had sent him one of my feet, soles together and then he sent me one back with that pic on a tablet and his cock pointed at my feet.


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