It’s been almost a month since Jack’s wife found out about us and I think she’s still trying to fuck with me.  I really don’t think it was Jack that put me in his circle on google+.  I think it was her fucking with me.  For one thing on the hangout message I got he called me baby.  That’s why I suspect it was her.  Jack never called me baby, not once.  He called me darlin’.

I fail to see the point in them contacting me whichever one it is.  I got an email then telling me it was the last time he was going to contact me.  Uhhhh, that’s what you said the last time you contacted me.

The only other thing would be he was trying to find a sneaky backdoor way to hang onto me and she caught him again and then he had to blame it on me and send me the email.  I don’t know.  It was just way weird.


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