Cabbages & Kings


When things change they really, really fucking change!!!

Ya’all know Andy told me he was married saturday night.  Well, I went to Liberal on sunday and I was just driving along and Drift Away came on the mp3 and made me cry.  It never has before.  Then on wednesday I saw an ad.  He has an ad on the craigslist where he’s working.  Actually that day he had 3 ads up.  Two of them were for women.  The other one was for a man.  Somehow that’s the one that disturbed me.

I actually replied to one of his ads and said I wished it was me he was hosting.  I thought at the time when I saw the m4m ad that it was him but I wasn’t positive.  So then last night I was going to check that ad again but he had taken all three of those ads down and put up a new one.  He used the same pic that was in the m4m ad.  I can’t unsee what I saw.

Thursday I broke down in my bosses office and told her about Andy being married and not knowing what I want to do.  She gave me some pretty solid advice.

Then last night a guy emailed me after I saw Andy’s new ad and was sure the m4m ad was his too.  I was in just the right mood and went to his hotel and got laid.  It wasn’t the best I ever had but it worked for the time.

I gave him the 5 minute condensed rundown and he asked me one question, Do you want to live in a place of pain?  Uhhh, no, as a matter of fact I don’t.

The pain is Andy, pure and simple.  Between the time I saw Andy’s new ad and when I went to the hotel I put my own ad up on craigslist.  I’ve got emails from at least 2 dozen me so far and there’s at least two of them I’m real interested in.

Oh, Mr Cute Motel is #oops.

And now I have a date with a guy for next saturday night.  I’m going to drive to his house!!


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