The Penis File


So I get a lot of email from the craigslist ad.  When you ask men to send you a pic and you’re not specific, probably a full 80% of the time you get a penis pic.  So I decided that I should create a file and keep all the pics.  I created the file the 5th and I already have 7 pics.

There are a couple of them I think I might go out with.  One of them has an OMG penis.  I kid you not.  It’s huge, his hand doesn’t go all the way around it in the pic!!!

The emails from the ad can be pretty entertaining.  I get quite a few that I know are not from Americans just by the word usage.  One guy said he was African but claimed later on he was born in NYC and he used the word “wondrous.”  Oh yeah, that’s a word lots of Americans use.  He said that if we became “exclusive couple” (another clue) he would fly out and we would be married this summer.  Not just no, but no fucking way no.  He got all pissed off when I told him I wouldn’t marry somebody so they could get a green card and informed me he had a PhD and that would give him green card.  But I thought you were born in NYC???  So easy to trip up.


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