Mr Flirt


So I went to the diner with my girlfriend for supper last night.  My friend wonders why he doesn’t come over and chat like he usually does.  Apparently he’ll stop by the booth and talk to her when she goes in by herself but when I’m there he doesn’t.  But then when we go up to pay he flirts with me and gets all nervous.  I flirt back.  I really would go out with him if he asked, he’s tall and good looking and built really nice.

I have to get a new phone!!!  I have a pre-paid flip phone and talking to Jack eats up the minutes like crazy!!!  I’ve never used up 500 minutes in a month before!!  I’ll get a pre-paid that has unlimited talk.  I’m paying $35 a month for the phone I have and I can get a nice smart phone for $150 and only pay $45 a month.  Seems like a no brainer to me!!!  This is the perfect time to do it too since I’ll have three checks this week.  I should get two checks today and then another one tomorrow.  I’m also going to buy a Kindle Fire.  The slowest part of tax season is coming up and I can’t find my Kindle anywhere.  At one point it was laying on the nightstand but I had already put it away somewhere when I moved and I have no idea where.  It’s just so much easier to put the Kindle in my purse than it is to go to a store and buy a half dozen books and then drag them to work.  Plus I can get exactly the books I want without having to search half a dozen stores.


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