So not fair


Thinking back on all the men in my life I realized I’ve only every been truly and totally in love with two men, Jack and Andy.  It just doesn’t seem fair that I don’t get to keep at least one of them.

I’ve been in love with Jack for over 33 years.  I found him again and he’s married.  He did tell me though that he does want to see me if his job brings him close enough.  Basically I told him that I didn’t think I would have sex with him because he was married.  However all he’s going to have to do is put his arms around me and kiss me and I’ll say yes.  I bet he knows that too.

Andy is probably just gone.  I’m still talking to him in email but he seems a lot more distant now, like his time is occupied by other things and he just drops me a line here and there.


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