blown out!!!


There was this man I fell in love with when I was 24.  We had a summer together on wheat harvest and then he went home to Iowa and I went home to Kansas.  I did a search and found him!!!  I sent him a card and asked if it was him and if it was and if he wanted to get in touch to call me.  HE DID!!!!!!!!!!  When I mailed the card I didn’t think he would probably call me if he was married but he called me anyway and he has told me that he wants to see me again if he gets close to here.

I wan’t expecting him to call and was listening to my voice mail and all of a sudden there he was.  I instantly burst into tears.  I can’t believe it’s been 33 going on 34 years and I still feel the same about him.  Then I called him and we talked for about 20 to 30 minutes early one morning.

I told him that I didn’t want him to change his life or me to change mine and he said he wanted to stay in touch and he wants to see me.  I did pretty much tell him I wouldn’t have sex with him because he’s married now.  I’m not sure I could stick to that if he wants to have sex.  Yeah, I know about being the wife and all that shit but it’s not my marriage or my guilt.  He’ll have to say yes first.

It’s really too bad he’s married.  I think I would dump my life and go live with him.  He totally blew Andy out of my mind the day I talked to him on the phone.  I totally didn’t know I was still as much in love with him as I am and was kind of surprised by it.  I knew I had always missed him but I had supressed the feelings I had for him.  It totally came flooding back when I heard his voice.


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