glad that’s over


Gawd that woman is a pain in the ass.  She grunts and groans with every step she takes which really gets on my nerves.  Then she has some kind of complaint about virtually everything under the sun.  I’m really not kidding about that either.  We sat and played Clue after dinner and of course we just talked about things in general about what everybody is doing and she managed to turn several things around and turn them into complaints.

Then my sister was there and to begin with didn’t speak to me until after my Aunt showed up.  Then of course my sister was just all kinds of nice.  She didn’t say one word to me about SfB.  She also didn’t ask me if I had seen my friend and why she didn’t get a call back.  From what I can tell my friend doesn’t like my sister much because of the way she treats me and the way she has treated my mother over the last few years.

I had thought about going to the bar after I got home but I just didn’t have the energy.


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