cabbages and kings…


I still haven’t got laid.  I’ve talked to a whole lot of men by email in the last week since I put the ad on craigslist.  A huge number of them have been dismissed as soon as I saw their pic.  They’ve been too young, too geeky fat kid, way too fat, way the hell too old, etc.  There have been a couple that I would consider going out with but they haven’t answered back.  There was one that was pretty hot but he was too poverty stricken to take a girl out and I don’t really need that.

I’m also on a biker dating web site and I’m talking to a guy now in Kansas City that I would definitely do and he’s real interested too.  I don’t think we’ll be able to get together until April though.  Once tax season starts I won’t have time to do much more than go to work and do laundry.

Oh and extra joy, I have to go to my mother’s tomorrow.  I’ll probably be entirely irritated by the time I leave.  She is sooooooooooo negative.  I swear I’ve never heard anybody bitch, piss and moan the way she does.  For somebody like me that’s always in a good mood it *really* gets on my nerves.  Especially since she bitches about the most minor, mundane things.


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