ships and sealing wax


I’m pretty sure that a man that says   “Hmm I would love a lot of Brown sugar and more… I’m not sure the plane will make a special detour to KS just for us and a 4 hour quickie.  Besides you wouldn’t let me leave that fast and then the plane would be delayed….. I’d have to stay to soak up about a weeks worth of you in that 4 hours and you’d miss work after all that because you wouldn’t be able to walk!!! :-)”    to you isn’t in any hurry to leave you forever.  I really, really don’t think we’re done yet.  For one thing, I get him off.  He told me he doesn’t always cum.  And to begin with he didn’t much with me.  But then I found out what makes him really hot and what gets him off and I give it to him.  And he knows he can have anything he wants.  And yes, 4 hours would be a quickie.  For another thing, he called me “magnificent” on our last night together.  He isn’t emailing me a whole lot right now because he’s at home, but he hasn’t stopped either and then he says stuff like that.

Hopefully I’ll get a signed divorce decree in the mail in the next day or two.  I really want to be divorced.


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