60 days are up


My 60 day waiting period is over today.  I’ll go file my divorce decree today and the judge will sign it and that will be that.

You’d think after being married to somebody for 22 years you’d feel at least a little sad or something.  More than anything I’m just glad to be rid of him.  I’m not even really sad about getting rid of his family either.  His mother is a pain in the ass and only one of my sister in laws still speaks to me.  <shrug> Whatever.

I’m soooooooo much better off without him.  He can never rip my life apart for whatever selfish reason again.  If I move again it will be 100% my choice, even if it’s for another man, it will still be entirely my choice.


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  1. Congrats! It sounds like you were over the relationship long before the filing. I was in a similar situation and usually you are done and healing long before you actually get out. Luckily it make moving on easier and you can’t imagine how you stayed as long as you did.

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