the flirt, part two, plus Andy


My friend and I went to the sandwich shop. He acted kind of nervous and kind of ignored us.  Except when I came out of the bathroom when I washed my hands.  He grinned at me then.  This dance may take a while.

And then there’s Andy again.  He actually told me not to get upset with him if it takes him awhile to answer me, that he’s not always at the computer or has his phone with him when he’s at home.  I’m really not sure at all what’s going to go on with him.  But really from the things he has said over the last few days it doesn’t sound like he wants to leave me anymore than I want to leave him.  It’s his decision.  I think he knows he’s the one that would have to move if he keeps his same job.  I think the serious discussion, if it comes to this point, is the fidelity while he’s on the road question.  We haven’t discussed any of this.  While he’s not ready to talk to me about things, he’s not leaving me either.


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