this ‘n that and who shot the cat


I get really mixed messages from Andy.  I wouldn’t be surprised if he was married but I don’t really think he is.  He told me about far too many “adventures” to be married.  But on the other hand he hasn’t told me much of anything about anything.  I know he lives in California but not where.  But he’s not going away either.  He keeps emailing me and he calls me hon in email.  I really would think if he was married he would have quit emailing me by now since there’s no reason to keep emailing since he probably won’t ever be back here for work.  He would have to come here on purpose to see me.

Then Mr Upstairs buzzed my door tonight!!!  Talk about fucking nerve!!!!!!!  He actually asked me if I wanted to come up and listen to the new AC/DC. I’m sure he thought I’d jump at that since I love AC/DC.   He really acted childish while Andy was here plus he’s been mostly a pain in the ass for some time now.  He figured out Andy isn’t here anymore and he seems to be under the impression that things will somehow go back to the way they were.  Uhhhhhhh, not just no, but no fucking way!!!  I totally don’t understand this.  We had sex 4 times ONE weekend.  Months ago. Why, oh why does he think we’re having anything remotely related to a relationship. The closest I want to get is nodding hello in the hall and if I have my way I won’t see him in the halls either.  Too bad he knows my schedule of when I come and go.  <sigh>


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