So Mr Upstairs seemed to somehow think that after having sex with me ONE weekend 5 months ago that he somehow has exclusive rights to me.  He’s acting all butthurt now because I had Andy around.  Too bad, so sad.  Nobody owns me until I say they do and I’ll fuck who I want, when I want.  It became pretty obvious to me that he didn’t want it after the first weekend and I’m sure as hell not going to stay celibate to suit him.  We were never even officially dating.  I texted him this morning and asked him to put my dvds by my door but they weren’t there when I came home for lunch.  They better be there when I get home at 5.

Oh and I decided since the sorry bastard (Andy) stole my heart and then left me, I’m going to go get drunk tonight.  I promised everybody at work that I won’t even leave the house in my car!!  It’s 275-taxi!!  LOL  I think I’ll do a cruise around town first and see which bar is happening before I go out though.  That way I don’t have to hit more than one bar.


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