Another thing Andy did


I want to make sure I write down as much of the things Andy did for me as I can.  He gave me $80 bucks for a car battery when mine died monday morning.  When he came in monday night he asked me how much a battery for my car would cost and I said I didn’t know but probably $60 to $80.  He pulled out his wallet and took out eighty bucks.  I told him that I would just get one wednesday when I got paid.  And he said “but you shouldn’t have to wait” and laid the money on the counter and walked off.  There simply wasn’t going to be any arguing about it.

He really turned out to be a knight in a black hat for me.  He gave me back my soul, stole my heart, moved me, and gave me money for my car battery.  He also made me promise not to stop looking and find a real man.


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