last night


Last night was the last night with Andy.  OMFG.  I have never cum so much or so hard.  He said it was his goal to make sure I walked funny today.  He actually called me magnificent a couple of times.  I don’t think I slept much after he left.  He didn’t say it but I think he fell in love too.  It was the way he hugged me when we said goodbye.  Gawd that was hard to do.  He made me promise that I would look for another man and that I would be specific and be picky.  One of the things he gave me was he showed me what I need in a man.  I can’t believe how much I lost and how much I shorted myself by marrying Bill.  I guarantee that if I’m with a man for more than just a couple of dates he’ll be a beast in bed.  I will NOT settle for less.  And yes, I’ll probably fuck on the first date if I like the guy at all.  I really don’t see any reason not to.  That way I know if a second date is even worth a bother.  Because seriously, if they’re a lousy lay, no matter how nice they are or how much money they have if they can’t satisfy me thoroughly I’m done.  No point in wasting time finding that out.

Oh, Andy said something that made me burst into tears.  I said I had got more from him in 24 days than I’d gotten from Bill in 20 years and he said it was all priorities.  His priority was me.  In 20 years I was never Bills priority.  It was always all about Bill.


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