moving by slider & grocery cart


Seriously can’t beat it.  This apartment is going to be soooooooooooo much nicer than the other one!!!  It’s actually fairly warm over here compared to the other apartment for one thing.  The bathroom is fairly small but the rest of the place more than makes up for it.  The street lights are farther away so my bedroom is lots darker.  I got one side of the living room arranged last night.  I need to put the sliders back under the love seat so I can arrange this side.  The major unwrecking is the sewing room.  Ye gawds what a wreck it is right now!!  I’ll work on it a bit tonight after work.

I truly do not know what the fuck I did to deserve Andy but I’m glad I did it!!!  He just picked up the mattress and carried it over here.  The box spring too.  He took the bed apart and put it back together for me too.  He moved everything in my closet.  He just took the clothes off the rod in the other apartment and brought them over and hung them up here.

Oh and this is funny, Mr Nosy Neighbor came down and did a load of laundry last night while we were moving. (laundry is only on 1 & 2)  LOL, We came down the hall with some stuff and the laundry room light was on and his dog came out into the hall.  He usually has her off leash in the building but she was on the leash and he hid in the laundry room.  I know he’s dying of curiosity.


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