well that was interesting…


I got started moving before Andy got here.  I had about 4 carts full moved and was loading 2 more when he walked in the door.  My neighbors let him in so he didn’t buzz the door and I didn’t know he was here.  While I was moving the first 4 loads Mr Upstairs came down my hall and asked me if I needed any help.  I just said “not yet” and went right on shoving the cart into the apartment.  A little while later he came back when Andy was here.  He didn’t say much at all, just gave me the 20 he owed me and left.  <snicker>

We did get a whole lot moved too.  There’s still plenty to do over the weekend while Andy is gone though.  We should get the bed, my chair, the hutch with the tv and the computer moved over tonight.  I’ll bet Juanita and I can get it finished off on Saturday.

I’m tellin’ ya, you can’t beat moving by shopping cart and slider.  LOL, craziest move *ever*!!!!!


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