lost and found…


Or what Andy gave back to me.  I lost my sexuality while I was married.  Before I was married I was always pretty hot and pretty damn good in bed.  With SfB it was always exactly the same.  He would stimulate me until I had a clit orgasm and then he’d do his minute and then we were done.  About half the time he’d roll off and say “I could do that again but you couldn’t”.  Uhhhh, right.  Whatever.  I knew from many, many encounters in my past that I could fuck all night long given the opportunity.  I wore out more than one penis in my past.  LOL  I got to where once a month was more than plenty with SfB.  20 years of bad sex kills your sex drive.  Dead, dead, dead.

Andy has completely brought me back to life.  I can go as long as he can stay hard.  And he stays hard for a good long while too.  Plus he gets hard again after a while.  We’ve done every thing too, and I do mean every thing.  SfB was one position, one minute.  Two minutes tops.  I never had a vaginal orgasm once with SfB.  Not one.  Andy can make me cum multiple times.  Sex with Andy is intense, mind blowing and deeply satisfying.

I’m pretty sure if I wasn’t any good Andy wouldn’t keep coming back.  He doesn’t seem to want to let go either.  But his job here will end and he’ll move on.

I suspect this is way more info than you all expected from somebody my age but then I don’t think I fit the “middle age lady” mold very well in the first place.  Plus it’s my blog and I’ll write whatever I want.  LOL


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