Beautiful day


He came over this morning and moved my antique dining table and put the bedroom drapes up for me.  After we did that I grabbed a shower and we took off and drove to Scott City and had lunch at a place that only had a buffet.  It was actually pretty decent food.  We went on north to the lake and drove around the whole lake.  It’s not all that big of a lake.  But it was a really beautiful drive. We stopped and sat at a picnic table and talked. We headed back and watched football.  Denver lost, but I have a whole new appreciation of football.  Mmmm.  About half time we put our clothes back on and went and had Mexican food for supper.  Then we came back to my apartment for dessert.

I think it was 3 times.  It could have been 4.  I told him what we have is near magic.  He said he’s just a regular guy.  Mmmm, beg to differ.  I’ve had *plenty* of regular guys.  He so totally isn’t regular.

BTW, the number on the “list” is 91.  That’s just the number I have actually remembered.  I know there were way more.


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