an interesting year…


It’s been almost a year since I started my job.  A year ago I had just lost a husband, a house and a supposed “bff.”

I suppose overall I’m most sad about the house.  It really was an extra nice house and everything fit in it.  I am waiting for the building manager to get a 2 bedroom apartment just down the hall painted so I can get moved over there.  My New Year’s resolution was to not move for a full year.  At the rate she’s getting it done it could be a full year since I moved in before I get moved over there since that date is the 15th of November.  I suppose I could count that as my year.  <sigh>  I really and truly do hate moving.  It’s such a pain in the ass.  At least this time there will be little to no packing done.  The hall is carpeted so I can just shove things down the hall on sliders and the majority of the smaller shit can go in shopping carts.  There are 5 in the building so I’ll just round up a couple of friends and their kids and we’ll do a brigade down the hall.

The deadline for filing my divorce so it’s final by the end of the year is approaching.  I’m pretty sure I can do the paper work and file it myself.  It’s just _doing_ the actual paperwork.  It’ll take at least two hours for me to get all the paper work ready and then I have to have it all notarized.  My boss can notarize for me so at least I don’t have to pay for that.

I actually saw SfB a couple of weeks ago.  He still had the keys to the car.  He can’t even pay for the gas for it so it has to be sold.  He lived in it last winter and it was still full of stuff.  I had a letter I got in the mail from his former employer saying they had a check he hadn’t cashed.  He had to send the letter back, notarized to get a new check sent to him.  I told the guy he’s staying with about the check and to tell SfB he could have it when the car got cleaned out and parked over here.  It took him about a week and a half after that but he eventually showed up with the car.  OMG was it ever disgusting inside!!  I had to have it detailed or there wouldn’t be any way in hell I would have been able to sell it.  Hopefully I can get it sold before too long.

The guy that detailed it for me sort of works for the place I work for once in awhile.  He does maintenance types of things sometimes.  He also brings food to our food days.  I didn’t even ask him how much, I gave him an envelope with $100 cash and the key and where it was parked.  He called me later that day and said he could’t clean it and I should come see why.  He lives right behind our building so I ran over there and it was *spotless* on the inside and the stench was gone.  It looks as good as it did the day we bought it if not better.  When he came back later to give me the key back I gave him another $20.  I don’t really want to know how much he’d charge somebody else to clean a car that dirty.  It really was nasty.

About the ex BFF, Hippie Peace Freaks (a facebook group) posted a pic this morning that said “Create a life that feels good on the inside.  Not one that just looks good on the outside.”  It made me think of her kitchen which is really an extension of her personality.  The counter is always spotless.  Always.  Open any cupboard or the fridge and it’s a disgusting wreck.  Her fridge was really nasty.  I know there were containers in there when I moved in with them that were still in there when I moved out 2 months later.  But then it occurred to me that SfB and I had cleaned out her fridge and pantry once before after she had kicked out her first husband.  Her fridge was even nastier that time.  I wasn’t going to do it for her again.    Other than that I don’t even think of her much and I don’t miss her either.  <shrug>  I think I was more of a best friend to her than she was to me anyway and the habits she picked up from living with her hubby were extremely irritating anyway.  I really hate backseat drivers and she had turned into one of the worst about it.  The most irritating part about that is she has never driven even 10 feet in her entire life.

My supervisor called me crazy friday.  I was telling the lady that runs the front of the office about having to give my neighbor a ride on my lunch hour and how slow he was about getting around and him saying “I fixed that roast, we’ll have supper.” just as he got out of the car and shut the door and how he’s going to drive me crazy and my super says “But you’re already crazy!”  Damn, I didn’t know it showed that much.  I didn’t eat supper with him either.  I went and had a hot roast beef sandwich at a local sandwich/fountain place with one of my coworkers. They make one of the best hrb sandwiches in town if not the best.


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