I liked what I said and I’ll say it again…


There was a post on a facebook group about the Amish putting mistakes in their quilts on purpose.  Balderdash, horse pucky, pure assed bullshit.

Anyway this is what I posted and not long after it got taken down.  So I’ll preserve it here for posterity.

“No they don’t. That would be the sin of arrogance to think your work is so perfect you have to make an intentional mistake. And god doesn’t make perfect things either anyway. No two things in nature are identical, no two snowflakes, no two leaves, no two flowers, trees, people, dogs, cats, etc, etc. So if no two things are identical there can only be 1 perfect one. Which one single blade of grass is perfect out of trillions and trillions of blades of grass???”

Maybe it’ll get through to someone and they’ll take the stick out of their ass and just have fun with it.


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