the “list”


Yeah, I have a “list”.  So I was a bad girl.  I never gave a shit what anybody thought about it and I still don’t.  If you do then don’t read past this point.

So, I couldn’t sleep last night and to occupy myself I decided to try and write down the list of dudes I’ve had sex with.  At one time I had a list.  Then I got married and got rid of it.  Well I got rid of the married and now I want the list again.  Here’s the thing, I’m pretty sure I remember pretty close to what number shit for brains (husband #2, hereinafter known as SfB) was but I can only remember less than half that number now.  That means there were a whole lot of totally forget able dudes.

I used a number system so when I remember somebody from the very early years I can add them to the list without it bugging me they’re out of order.  For dudes that I remember the place and era, I add a notation to jog my memory next to where their name goes.  Some I had no idea at the time what the hell their name was so I just put the place or other info where their name would be.  I have 5 eras, #1 is 70 to 73, that’s from the first guy to the beginning of my first marriage.  #2 is 73 to 79, that’s during my first marriage.  #3 is 79 to 85 when I moved in with Jim and then #4, 88 to 92 is from when Jim moved out to when I married Bill.  Era #5 will be this single stage however long it lasts.

Interesting notation. there are 6 pairs of brothers on my list.

The number that’s on my list right now is 80.

My motto the last time I was single was “So many men, So little time.”  This time I think it’s going to be “Men, can’t live with them, can’t shoot them.”

And no.  I’m not actually going to publish the list.


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