or not…


So it was just a fling and we’re just going to be friends. Not even friends with benefits either. Oh well. Turns out he’s rarely sober past 3 in the afternoon. I took him out to dinner twice and both times he was drunk. The first time we went out I called and told him I’d pick him up at 5 and we’d go have dinner at a local diner with one of my friends from work. He had already had a good 6 pack in him by that time. The second time was a planned dinner at a local bar. He was pretty well trashed by 5 that time. I quit asking him to go have dinner with me. I don’t mind having a few myself but I kind of like to at least start out even. If he’s trashed by 5 then he’ll be totally passed out by the time I’ve even had two drinks so what’s the point. Moving on.


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