I am totally amazed at how much money I have left in the bank the day before payday.  When I was married I thought I had pretty good control of our money and where it went.  Apparently not.  There were times Asshat had to go in and pre-pay for gas because there wasn’t enough money in the bank for the hold.  There would be enough for the gas but not enough to just run the card at the pump since they hold $125 from your account these days.

The day before pay day this week I had a little over $300 between my two accounts.  And I make less than half of what Asshat was bringing home.  After the bills were paid I still have over $350 in one account and $30 or so in the insurance account and I’ll get a $400 dollar check next week for my insurance.  And I would have even more than that but I paid for Asshat’s car tag and I’m still paying for his car insurance.

I don’t know if I’m so much amazed as totally boggled.

I’m thinking that by the time I can buy a house I should have a decent amount saved up for a down payment.  I should be able to buy a house with a total payment amount for about what I’m paying in rent now.  

I’m thinking I’d like a little 2 bedroom Craftsman bungalow in the central part of town.






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