Cake drama


So today is the gift exchange and pot luck at work. Yesterday I was sitting in my cube and three people were standing just outside my cube discussing what they were bringing for food today. I told them I was bringing cake. The lesbian from the collections department got all snotty and informed me I couldn’t bring cake because she was bringing cake and blah, blah, blah, reindeer, Mr B, blah, blah. Uhhhh, whatever. Then Ms Know-it-all-I’ve-been-here-a-year chimed in and informed me that Ms Lesbian makes the best cakes and I couldn’t bring one.

A little later in the afternoon Ms No-nonsense brought a sign up sheet around so Mrs Large&incharge would know what to bring to “fill in” and since I was ahead of Ms L I told Ms N-n that I was bringing cake and had been informed that I couldn’t. LOL She told me later that when Ms L signed up and started to get all butt-hurt that somebody else was going to bring a cake she informed her that “we can have more than one cake. Since when do women turn down cake.”

Bet me a dollar that Ms L’s cake is from a mix.

I’m just happy that I didn’t draw Ms Ls name.  I have Ms N-n and she’s a huge Green Bay Packer fan so I got her a Xmas ornament, a key chain and pens.  She’ll love the pens I’m sure.

Time to go make orange cream cheese frosting.



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