the car buying trip


My mother has to be one of the most negative people I know.  We recently made a trip to buy my second oldest granddaughter a car.  The whole thing was a huge pain in the ass.  

She started off with “she didn’t know how I wanted to do the trip, if I wanted to drive all the way across the state to pick up granddaughter and then go buy the car”  This state is 423 miles from  end to end.  I live on one end and granddaughter lives on the other end.  No, I do not want to drive back and forth across the state that many times.  I told mother she could just meet me in the city where we’re buying the car and she came up with the reasoning that it just didn’t make any sense to have two cars there.  Uhhh, we can leave one parked while we go car shopping.  

What it came down to was she refuses to drive in any place that resembles a city.  But of course she’s just not going to come out and say that.  So, she drives to my house on Monday, we get up and take off on Tuesday and drive all the way across the state and pick up granddaughter and a friend and come half way back across the state and check into a hotel.  

On the way across the state we stopped and had lunch at a really small mom and pop burger place.  They have burgers made by hand from fresh, never frozen beef and hand cut fries and onion rings.  She complained they served her too many fries.  The place was slamming busy with men in giant, muddy pickup trucks coming in and grabbing lunch.  Anybody with six brain cells could figure out they’re going to serve food sized for the hoards of working men that hit the place for lunch.

The next morning we get up and pack everything up and go car hunting. (she whined about the hotel breakfast)  The first used car dealer we stopped at didn’t have anything that would work for granddaughter but he sent us to another dealer.  He even drew me a map.  While on the way across town she says “Well he didn’t say it was half way across town.”  Uhh, no he didn’t but if you’d been paying any attention at all you would have seen the GIANT exit signs for Central Business district the first time we went through town.

Then there was the whole paying for the car thing.  She wasn’t financing it and she had “figured” (rather loosely if you ask me) that she could afford around 5 to 6 thousand.  We found a super good deal on an almost new little car and it was just over $6600 with the sales tax.  Instead of keeping the money in her savings account she paid a bunch on her credit card and expected the dealer to take a credit card.  And of course since she expected the dealer to take a credit card she didn’t bring a check.  That left me to write a check for the car.  So the dealer graciously said he’d hold my check until she could get home and wire the money to my account.

On the plus side we had the car bought and cds and a car phone charger bought by noon and made it back to my house by 4 so she went on home instead of staying another night.









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