wasn’t allowed


So somebody started a topic about all the cool fad toys they had as kids.

I think the only thing I ever had that was considered a fad toy were the trolls.

This is where I rant about my mother.  I was raised by a single mother until I was about 12.  I personally believe if she’s not Asperger’s she’s right next to it.  She has little to no social skills and never saw any value to fitting in.  As far as I know she still doesn’t have any real friends.  She has two sisters and acquaintances but there’s nobody she can point to and say “I’ve been friends with her for X number of years.”  Nobody.

For the most part I wasn’t allowed.  I didn’t get to go roller skating, go to movies, go swimming, talk on the phone with my friends, go to school dances, go to school sports games, or go anywhere with groups of friends.  I never had a Chatty Cathy, Barbies, an Easy Bake Oven, or any of the other cool toys of my generation. Or even the standard toys of childhood like a bicycle.  I also didn’t get to read the normal childhood books.  It had to be literature.  No Dr. Seuss for us!!  And forget stuff like Nancy Drew!  That was just trash as far as she was concerned.  And she wonders why she sucks at Baby Boomers Trivial Pursuit.

What I did get was an abusive step-father.  She chose him over me and sent me to stay with one of my Aunts on a regular basis.  I spent half of my 7th  and 8th grade years at my Aunts.  And he left her anyway.  Oh and she claimed he was a wonderful person and changed just like magic on their honeymoon.  I’ll bet not.  I’ll bet she had her head in the sand as usual and didn’t see what he really was before they got married.

So when I was 15 I found a boyfriend with a car and got pregnant and got married.  That was no walk in the park but at least I was in charge of my own life.  From then on if I could afford it I got it.  If my kids wanted something and I could give it to them I did no matter how “faddish” or silly it seemed at the time.

To say I have a lot of anger towards my mother is kind of an understatement.  And now she’s getting a huge income and is “forgiving” 5k a year of our “loans.”  Who loans their kids money and keeps track of every single cent for their entire lifetime????  What kind of parent comes into a huge income and doesn’t just wipe the slate clean?  When you’re getting over 200K a year and your daughter (my sister) is scraping by on 9 bucks an hour, do you really truly expect her to pay back 80K???  Seriously?

And then there’s all the truly stupid shit she says.  I’ll save that for next time.









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